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Country Magazine Barrington Style features ClayOven Tandoor in their Dinner Date section; says, “…The rich blend of Indian spices coating the shrimp complement the seafood flavor in a way that nothing else can quite match

Dinner Date Review by Country Barrington Magazine October 2017

Country Magazine

It’s dosa night every Wednesday evening at ClayOven | Tandoor in Long Grove. A delicacy of southern India, dosa night includes an all-you-can-eat buffet with unlimited dosas, a rice crepe that comes in more than 20 different varieties including spinach, potato, lamb, goat, fish and more. $13.99 per person. Reservations recommended. ClayOven | Tandoor Indian Grill and Bar is at 3970 Route 22, Long Grove. (847) 550-8600 or

Daily Herald

I was sitting on the other side of this unruly table. Kids screaming, banging on dishes like they were drums and crawling all over the place (and under tables and chairs). When the manager POLITELY asked the offending mother to control her children, she screamed at him accusing him of not running a family friendly restaurant. I felt sorry for the manager, who handled the situation winningly and told him so as I left.

ClayOven Tandoor was simply outstanding. 2 soups (one for the kids-tomato/cumin) fresh salads and pakora’s with an amazing array of Northern and Southern Indian Chutneys.
Veg and Non-Veg options abound. Chicken Biryani perfectly prepared was the highlight for me.
Dosa available for those who wanted it.
Tandoori chicken and wonderful Naan bread served table side and 3 perfect dessert items.
The food here has been elevated many levels since new management took over and brought in their wonderful new chef.

Highly recommended!

Joe Y,Chicago, IL

We just here enjoying the lunch buffet and all I can say it’s mind blowing, ist s one of the most extensive buffet I’ve had with 4 varieties of chicken and a goat and 5 veg dishes. We were a group of 17 people and had our table ready upon arrival. The server who seated us was polite and courteous. Took care of the entire group.
There was this table of 6 adults and 3 kids right behind us, I know the space was a little tight but their kids we’re all over the place , shouting, running and making it difficult for other guests. Often we found them under our table crawling. Guests have to be considerate towards others. We have 4 kids on our table but we know how to control them, guys it’s a public place with other people trying to enjoy their outing. When the server approached them and.politely asked them to take control of the situation the lady started shouting at him. I think he handles it well and just requested her to control her kids as one of them was under our table shouting. I felt bad for the server, he did what he had to. Then the manager came in and apologized to that table when it was not even their fault. That’s what’s called customer service. We felt bad and apologized to the server as team kid was under our table and we asked the server to do something.
Well, it was great food, service and a beautiful restaurant. We will defiantly be back. Highly recommend. Sorry again to the server who had to go thru all this. Keep your chin up.

Aby S, Lake Zurich, IL

I went there on satuday night. Upon entry we were very warmly greeted and seated immediately. The food and service is just awesome. Would recommend if you looking for great indian food and beautiful ambience.

Ibrahim S, Lake Zurich, IL

We had a delicious dinner here and will definitely be going back again soon. I highly recommend the chili paneer as a starter. Very attentive service.

Amy P,Chicago, IL

I was there for dinner with my husband a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised they have a new owner with whom we have had excellent experience (from tamarind court). Amit is very attentive to his customers needs and ensures excellent service. Everything we ordered was delicious. Very nice interior and nice peaceful ambience. Strongly recommend and will definitely come back.

Lake Bluff, IL

Don’t have anything else to say but amazing. Atmosphere was great. Servers all had a very friendly vibe to them. Food was everything and more. We’ll be back!

Brent L, Vernon Hills, IL

What can I say—I do not give 5 stars out often. I heard that the local Indian restaurant had closed but was reopened by another owner and a whole new staff so I thought I would stop by with my partner in crime and give this new place CLAYOVEN TANDOOR a try.

It was Wednesday and they were offering a buffet, but upon careful review, it was not just a buffet but an incredible feast with every thing from Chili Chicken Masala, Medu Wada (a savory donut served with various chutneys), Chicken 65, to Sambahr ( a wonderful vegetable lentil) soup. To accompany their vast entree selection, they made fresh Dosa–(like a very thin crepe) we had the spinach, chili, and onion Dosas, warm and a pleasure to the taste buds. If you choose not to partake in the buffet, they have full menu service as well.

I finished my dinner with Kheer (like a cardamom rice pudding) and a Mango Lassi.

I cannot say enough about the attentive service. Our glasses were always filled. Dosa plate was never empty, the buffet choices were hot, fresh and flavorful. The location cannot be any prettier. We sat at a booth looking over a beautiful conservancy area watching deer and other wildlife. This is truly what Long Grove is noted for.

Amit (the new owner) was friendly, helpful and more than willing to please. He and his staff were anxious for us to try everything and explained all the dishes to us. This is a South Indian restaurant and their preparation is a bit spicier but so authentic and delicious.

Amit also told us that as soon as the weather warms up, they have outdoor seating and they will also have bar service.

I noticed a large adjoining room that looks to be available for parties and other large gatherings.

I truly enjoyed myself and plan to be back very soon.

Michele B, Long Grove, IL

Previously known as Urban Tandoor, clay oven was a great restaurant. Nice service and good food overall. A variety of options on the menu and a good indian alternative in the greater chicago area. Highly recommended!

Sneha M, Long Grove